We are an open and affirming parish. We affirm the dignity of every human being. We try to follow Jesus’ command to love God and love one another.  We have exceptional music each Sunday and we have a legacy of exquisite art glass windows to form a beautiful space for worship.  Most of all, our worship includes our service to our community and the world.  At Christ Church, we are engaged in many energetic ministries. We welcome those seeking spiritual growth, joyful worship, purposeful service and the warm community of Sag Harbor.  

We love serving the Sag Harbor community year round. We host a calendar of community events in and outside of the church, such as outdoor movies and art shows. We are dedicated to an Interfaith collegial ministry and have exceptional relationships with our neighboring temple, Temple Adas Israel and the Christian churches in our area.

Our mission is " To know Christ and to make Christ known."


Rector - The Rev. Karen Ann Campbell

Organist & Choir Director - Dr. Daniel Koontz

Church Administrator & Vestry Secretary  - Afton DiSunno

Wardens & Vestry

Sr Warden - Terry Fraser

Junior Warden -Warden Suzanne McNear

Treasurer - Christopher Kelley

Clerk '18 - David Bray

Vestry '21 - Nancy Achenbach

Vestry '21 - Howard "Mitch" Mitchell

Vestry '21 - Robert Montogomery

Vestry '21 - Robert Chaloner

Vestry '18 - Suzanne McNear


Building & Grounds - Howard "Mitch" Mitchell


Evelyn DeVito

Diane Schimmer

Jane Lubben

Indira Roth

Kirby Marcantonio

Susan Coursey

Altar Guild-

The Rev. Karen Campbell

Nancy Heine

Movie Night -

Kirby Marcantonio

Ted Littleford

Christmas Fundraiser -  (December 2017)

Whitney Hanson

Suzanne McNear

Susan Thorpe

Nancy Heine

Ted Littleford

David Bray

JoAnne Carter

Carol Spencer

Diane Schimmer

Kirby Marcantonio

Phantom Ball

Evelyn DeVito

Diane Schimmer

Kirby Marcantonio

Susan Coursey

Ted Littleford

Larry Bambino



In 1917, Mrs. Aldrich gave a very special gift in memory of her husband, a beautiful Tiffany Studio stained glass window depicting Jesus as a boy conversing with the elders in the temple. The window is illuminated from within the church every night in memory of the Aldrich Family. The Parish Hall was a gathering place for civic activities. Part of our history is hosting a space for USO type military dinners and dancing during and post WWll.

In 1912, James Herman Aldrich donated the present parish hall which, at the time, was the largest meeting place in Sag Harbor. In 1914, Mary Gertrude Edson Aldrich had the Rectory (a small Tudor mansion for the priest) built and furnished in memory of her mother.

In 1882, Mr. and Mrs. James Herman Aldrich (Mary Gertrude Edson) from Manhattan purchased property in North Haven/Sag Harbor and built a summer estate located on the water and named it “Maycroft.” When summering in North Haven, the Aldriches took a great interest in Christ Church, and their generosity included the expansion of the sanctuary in 1893.

In 1845 a group of Episcopalians founded the first Episcopal Church on the South Fork.  For almost fifty years they used other buildings, in 1883 they purchased the current property from the Winter’s family.  The Winters relocated their house up 114 and the church was built on the old house foundation.